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Adams-Streeter offers innovative civil engineering solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal projects throughout Southern California.
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Since 1981, Adams Streeter Civil Engineers has specialized in land development civil engineering for residential, commercial, industrial, retail and public works clients. With a staff of over 25 professionals and designers, our services include all phases of land development civil engineering, land planning and land surveying.

Innovative Solutions


Adams Streeter Civil Engineers offers innovative civil engineering solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal project challenges, employing a wealth of experience and technological advantages. We utilize the newest, advanced software and equipment available on the market, providing our clients with high-quality all-inclusive civil engineering design services that include: grading, storm drain and flood control, streets, pavements and trails, water-quality and wet-utility improvement plans.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control


At Adams Streeter, we take pride in our reputation for thoroughness, rapid turn-around times, cost-efficiency and overall quality of work. We know that cost control is important for our clients, so we keep costs down with efficient and innovative designs. Our value-driven approach balances client needs with cost and service quality.


Engineering Services

Our company is built on the long-term relationships we have with developers, architects, contractors, business and community leaders, regulatory agencies, and utilities representatives.


These relationships, along with our team’s depth of knowledge and expertise, allows us to provide a wide range of consulting services to fully embrace and serve your vision. Whether you’re in the public or private sector, we’ll guide you through the entire project process, from initial project conception to successful completion.

Land Development

We offer a full range of land development services necessary to help achieve your project’s maximum potential, whether the project is redevelopment, residential, commercial, mixed-use, institutional or recreational. These services include due-diligence, evaluations, concept planning, engineering design and timely regulatory agency approvals. Our highly experienced team has delivered successful and viable solutions for all types of land development projects, ranging from small mixed-use developments to master-planned communities.

Entitlement and Land Development Feasibility

Feasibility services are a crucial first step to provide our clients with the information necessary to assess costs and the possible benefits or challenges of the entitlement process. Entitlement and land development feasibility reports will contain the following information, depending on your specific needs and requests:


  • Conceptual Grading and Lot Layouts
  • GIS/Aerial Photography
  • Utilities Analysis
  • Site Visit
  • Land Use/Zoning Analysis
  • Existing Site Assessment
  • Permitting Requirements Summary
  • Boundary and ALTA Surveys


Our feasibility reports are commonly submitted for the pre-application process. When that occurs, the feasibility report is an excellent resource for the jurisdiction and also serves as a building block for a preliminary site plan creation.

Site Analysis and Surveying

Site analysis and civil engineering provide the basis for the viability and success of any project.


Due to increasing local, state, and federal regulations, getting a project off to a favorable start has become even more challenging. To assist in this process, we provide owners, developers, and agencies the appropriate engineering to develop better land use concepts and plans.


Thought the use of advanced measuring tools, we are able to deliver the most accurate surveying data in the industry, ascertaining site information needed to execute different types of projects. Our surveyors perform standard control, topographic, boundary and ALTA surveys. We have multiple, fully-equipped survey crews available with experience surveying commercial, residential, municipal, highway and underground infrastructure systems.


We offer a wide array of services to assist with municipal projects, from water and wastewater utility systems to storm water management systems and transportation improvements. These services include planning, designing and obtaining the proper permits for water and wastewater expansions, as well as for comprehensive roadway, storm water and streetscape improvements. Whether the project is a minor local upgrade or a regional expansion, we understand what is required to meet your objectives.


Our team has been very fortunate to work on projects to improve our local school districts and colleges, thereby investing in our community and its future. Whether the need is for master drainage, infrastructure analysis or campus redevelopment and improvement, we provide comprehensive services to meet any of your campus needs.

Utility and Storm Drainage

Water management becomes increasingly important as the demand for water continues to grow beyond the available resources. As leaders in the design of water, wastewater, reclaimed water and storm water conveyance systems, our skilled engineers assist municipalities, private developers and public agencies in developing new and rehabilitated collection and conveyance systems that optimize the available resources.


Innovative, yet practical solutions are needed for infrastructure projects that have limited space. We offer pragmatic solutions that serve short-term or long-term demands, while providing high levels of efficiently. Our team has experience designing small and large diameter pipelines, pumping systems and storage facilities. We also supply creative and cost-effective approaches to storm water management, while meeting today’s best water management practices and protecting our watershed. We work with clients, project teams and agency or jurisdiction staff to identify acceptable options to fit your timelines and budget.

Hydrologic Analysis

A hydrologic analysis provides vital information needed to effectively manage storm water, allowing better decision-making for conveyance and flow control infrastructure, as well as determining flood risk and appropriate mitigation. The engineers at Adams-Streeter have an extensive background in hydrologic analysis and watershed studies, ranging from detailed modeling of flow in pipes and culverts to modeling of regional watersheds. Our team uses computerized hydrologic analysis applications, including HEC_HMS, WWHM4, MGS Flood and many regional and local modeling tools.

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

We offer comprehensive permitting and regulatory compliance services, providing innovative and practical solutions to assist our clients through the maze of local, state and federal permitting and compliance issues across a broad range of project types. Our engineers work closely with clients and regulatory staff to identify permitting and compliance issues as early as possible, minimize permitting requirements and streamline the approval process. We track these issues throughout the project, developing and identifying plans that will ensure resolution and avoid potential bottlenecks.


Surveying and Mapping

Adams Streeter offers proficient surveying and mapping services to develop analytical observations for our client’s projects. We utilize the latest surveying and mapping technologies to gather the most accurate data, while staying within our clients’ budgets and deadlines. Our Director of Surveying, Mark Petrie, has been with our firm since 1981 and provides outstanding supervision of all survey crews, scheduling, quality control, and is the liaison between engineers and surveyors. Since our firm offers land surveying, land use planning and civil engineering services, you can expect that your project will be managed in a consistent, cohesive, responsive and efficient manner.

Land Surveying

We proudly offer a wide range of land surveying services, working closely with each client to determine the appropriate scope of services and most importantly, the level of accuracy required to meet the objectives of the proposed project. Our survey crews use state-of-the-art-equipment for precise land surveying data collection, including total station theodolites, robotic total stations, data collectors and global positioning system (GPS) receivers. Each of our crew chiefs is highly experienced and capable of reacting to your changing needs in the field.  

Boundary and Design Topographic Surveys

Our firm’s experienced surveyors provide the data necessary for site evaluations, planning and design for both public and private development projects. This is accomplished by researching survey records, gathering field data and then compiling and mapping to provide our clients the information they desire.   

ALTA Surveys

Adams Streeter has earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted source for ALTA and land title surveying. Since ALTA surveys are usually time-sensitive, we are proactive and keep our clients up-to-date with the survey’s timeline and progress. Decades of working with property owners, financial institutions, attorneys and title companies has allowed our team to provide quick and dependable ALTA survey services, as well as technical expertise.

Utility Surveys

Identifying underground pipe or cable systems is a challenging feat due to varied ownership of property and the terrain’s topographyWe utilize innovative surveying technology to accurately locate and map underground utilities. 

Construction Staking

Construction staking is one of the most critical and schedule-driven services our firm provides. Our extensive experience in both engineering and construction stalking allows us to be a valuable and cost-effective member of the construction team. This value is multiplied each time inevitable issues arise in the field during the most costly phase of any project.